Writing for The Secondary Break

Writing for The Secondary Break

Today we featured the first post from a contributor other than me– Chris Gallo’s “Four Factor Friday” which will (as you might guess from the name!) run each Friday on the blog.

While I’ll still be writing as often as I can (hopefully 3-5 articles per week), I’d love to get some other voices and viewpoints published on the site. The ideal contributor to The Secondary Break would be someone who loves telling a story through data (either as a narrative or visualization), particularly if that story’s about UNC or ACC basketball (although, more generally, any compelling basketball or sports analytics work would be strongly considered). It doesn’t have to be a data-driven piece, though– thorough (charting-style) breakdowns of games/strategies, or nuanced (scouting-style) analyses of players/teams/games/strategies are also right in our wheelhouse here.

If you’d be interested in contributing, reach out to me at freeportkid21@gmail.com (or @FreeportKid on Twitter) to pitch some ideas (or, even better, a sample piece or two). I’ve also got some historical ACC/UNC data that I can share, so if I can help out there (i.e., you have a good research idea, but lack the necessary data), don’t hesitate to contact me.






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  1. Can I suggest that you make the Ford/Smith picture smaller. It takes up my entire screen and I can’t tell at a glance what’s new. Just a small thing, but I’d appreciate it.

    1. Yep, I’ll work on trying to optimize that. Might require either a new theme or a new photo; still figuring out WordPress stuff, but that’s definitely a good suggestion.

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