Summer Charting Project

Summer Charting Project

Hey Carolina Fans,

I’m hoping to chart as many Heels games as possible over the offseason to add to my database of charting stats (currently includes the seasons from 2005-present). I’ll be sharing some of the interesting insights on the site, too (including a “Classic Game of the Week” feature).

The problem: I don’t have a very big collection of historical Carolina games (in either DVD or digital form). That’s where I’m hoping the passionate UNC fanbase can help me out. Is anyone willing to donate (or sell) copies of their old Carolina games for this cause? Or connect me to some fans with large collections of historical UNC games? I’d obviously pay for shipping, etc., and hopefully provide a public good by sharing the results from the charting project.

Let me know if you’re able to help out. You can reach me at, or just leave a note in the comments section.




3 thoughts on “Summer Charting Project

  1. Once upon a time I had maybe 2/3 of the ’96 season on VHS (and most of ’05), but those bit the dust a few years ago.

    You know there are tons of whole games on YouTube now, right? Not enough to chart much of any one season you don’t already have, but enough to kill a lot of time.

    I would donate organs I don’t have two of to see full-season +/- and charting stats on lineups like Okulaja-Jamison-Carter-Williams-Cota, Wallace-Stackhouse-Calabria-Williams-McInnis, … Daugherty-Perkins-Doherty-Jordan-Smith … Montross-Wallace-Stackhouse-Williams-Phelps … I’m starting to bum myself out, here!

    1. Yep, I’m going to start out with those YouTube games, then go from there. Would love to put together a nearly-complete 1998 (or 1995) season at some point.

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